jade harley commission ! :^y


gotta draw jade on her bday


So, Sydnova was fun! On Saturday I went as Rumminov's fancytier Jade, modifying the design a bit to make the hood and skirt grey like it is in the comic. The shoes were bought from Bodyline, no. 284. On that note, if you decide to buy these shoes for general use or cosplay, I’d advise ordering the next size up because they pinch around the toes and at the ankle straps.


i messed up i messed up bad


i couldn’t stop laughing at this fucking stupid shitty shit picture and now


happy 4/13 I hope you like your comics full of nudity and without context

ps this comic is in actuality just a long excuse to have john draw nipples on davesprite


Beta Kids

tumblr keeps fucking them up they are crisp i promise please enlarge them

Ain't no one