year is 3000, transhanded individuals fight for justice

‘i was born left handed, but i use my right hand for everything so i am not so oppressed. my fellow righties are just like i am. we don’t get why being born left handed MAKES us left handed.’

Transhanded individuals jesus christ


so i came home and my neighbors are playing some kind of shitty music really loudly
and i was like well dang

so i started playing my music really loudly
they came and knocked on the door (well, the 17 year old chick who lives there)
and was like ‘turn your shit music down nobody wants to hear…


optimist thinks the glass is half full

pessimist thinks the glass is half empty

realist thinks the glass is half filled

tumblr user is offended by the glass

somethingexcellent likes the glass

princeofkokoros talks about swallowing glasses with his followers

dumbpointyanimeshades doesnt like the glass and people are unfollowing her for that



Okay that video does not want to fucking load. So I’ll explain this as coherently as I can right now.

Yes. This was a very sick joke. One of the worst. But I will explain what happened. And people will hate me.

To put a long story short, this was organized…

I know this was a few hours ago, but I don’t think it was such a terrible idea. Sometimes, it just seems that THAT’s what it takes for people to maybe think about what they’re doing.

When it’s already too late


me more like the prince is awake: ur dash is wrecked


what if i was in a room with 1,780 people and i just said something and about 6 of them go ‘WOW I LIKE THAT’ then another 7 repeat what i said and maybe add in something or crudely draw a reaction image and hold it up and then more people kept doing that and each time they stuck a post-it note on me

“Real life tumblr”
Ain't no one